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The Nimbl Family

Our campers are out in the wild. Taking the path less followed, and taking some amazing photographs and videos too! From the US and Mexico, Central and South America, Australia and beyond. Some of the owners contribute content for the Nimbl website and we thought it would be nice to include a small bio along with links to their website or social media accounts so you can travel along with them. Enjoy!

  • James & Claire Young portrait

    James & Claire Young


    Claire and James are digital nomads, traveling full time in their camper. They are active on Instagram Facebook and YouTube with some great shots of their camper throughout North, Central and South America.

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  • Karl & Leah Wolf portrait

    Karl & Leah Wolf


    Karl and Leah recently completed a full Pan American Highway trip. A one year blast through North, Central and South America. Check out their Instagram page for some amazing culture shots

  • Graeme Bell portrait

    Graeme Bell


    Graeme Bell is an author and explorer who has dedicated his life to traveling the planet by land, seeking enlightenment and unique experiences. Together with his wife and two children, Graeme has spent the last decade living permanently on the road in a self built Land Rover based camper. They have explored 27 African countries, circumnavigated South America, driven from Argentina to Alaska followed by exploration of Europe and Western Asia. Currently the family are planning a journey from the USA to South America in Proto, a Nimbl Camper. Graeme is a member of the Explorers Club, the author of six critically acclaimed books and an Overland Journal / Expedition Portal contributor since 2015.

  • Bill & Julie Lawler portrait

    Bill & Julie Lawler

    Bill and Julie retired early to fulfill their dream of traveling in their truck camper - which they affectionately call Tramp - across five continents. Their journeys so far have taken them around North America, including Alaska, through Mexico and Central America and down to the tip of South America. They shipped Tramp to Europe for more exploring and then shipped again to wander about nine countries of southern Africa. They have also traveled extensively in Australia - they call Sydney home - and have also lived in the UK and Thailand.

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Nimbl Partners

Well founded partnerships are at the core of everything we do. Whether it’s creating partnerships on the road & looking out for our roadside neighbors or creating business partnerships, we recognize the value in supporting each other within the community to thrive & create the best possible experiences, collaborate on design.

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