From Dream To Reality: A Look At Customization Options For Your Nimbl Evolution

From Dream To Reality: A Look At Customization Options For Your Nimbl Evolution

Oct 26, 2023

By Jocelyn Zidar

Nimbl Overland Expedition Vehicle

Owning a Nimbl Evolution is like holding the keys to endless adventure. But what truly sets Nimbl apart from the crowd is the level of customizability. Whether you’re a rugged off-roader, a camping enthusiast, or a luxury traveler, Nimbl offers a world of options to personalize your overland experience. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular customization options available.

Nimbl Evolution F550 Offroad

1. Interior Comfort and Layout:

The interior of your Nimbl Overland Vehicle serves as your mobile home, and customization starts by selecting the features that best match your desired comfort level. While the overall layout remains consistent (East-West custom queen bed, rear dinette, driver-side kitchen, and passenger-side wet bath), numerous options are available for personalization. These include premium leather blend upholstery, a choice of wood stain, custom marine-grade vinyl flooring, blackout layers for your tent, a privacy screen between the bed and living quarters, a custom countertop color, added TV/monitors, Bluetooth speakers, or any combination that aligns with your vision of comfort and convenience.

2. Expedition Kitchen:

Each build includes a 4.5 cubic foot Isotherm fridge, a stainless steel sink, and ample storage and counter space to enhance your indoor cooking experience. For culinary enthusiasts, Nimbl offers various kitchen upgrades, such as a microwave and additional power outlets for appliances like an InstaPot, waffle maker, air fryer, or Kurig. We also recommend using the rear drawer on the vehicle’s exterior as a table for the perfect outdoor dining experience, complete with additional electrical outlets, access to clean water via the outdoor shower, and a custom 270 awning above.

3. Power Systems:

The Nimbl Evolution is renowned for its self-sufficiency. You can bolster your power system with additional solar panels (up to 1005 Watts) and extra BattleBorn Game Changer Batteries (up to 1080 Ah) to ensure you have ample power for your adventures, even in remote locations. The fully integrated Victron & BattleBorn System not only meets your power needs but also provides reliability, backed by warranty. Further system upgrades may include sPOD switch panels for easy management of various functions and accessories, complete with Bluetooth capabilities. Breaker panels are thoughtfully designed and conveniently placed within the cabin for easy access, ensuring peace of mind as you set out on your overland journey.

Nimbl Evolution Solar Array

4. Off-Road Essentials:

Serious off-road enthusiasts can enhance their Nimbl with specialized suspension, all-terrain tires, Dissent Offroad custom bumpers, off-road lighting packages, compressor, additional fuel capacity, mounting points for motorcycles and other equipment, hitch extensions, recovery gear, and winches, providing the capabilities to conquer even the most challenging terrains with confidence.

5. Comfort Features:

To truly enjoy your overland journey, Nimbl offers standard comfort features such as Webasto Air Top Evo 40/55 heating systems, SmarTemp Control, two Maxxair fans for airflow and ventilation, Webasto Thermo Top Evo hot water heater, ashower, and spacious seating. You have the choice of either a composting or a cassette toilet. We are happy to help you decide what the right fit is for you.

Commonly, we upgrade one of the fans to an Dometic RTX2000 air conditioning unit for added comfort in the hotter months.

When it comes to comfort, feeling confident in the cleanliness of your water supply is crucial. Each Nimbl comes equipped with a Guzzle H20 water filtration system. This system includes a 3-step filtration process but can be upgraded to include the additional step of UV purification, making each water source not only filtered, but also purified.

Nimbl Evolution 2023

6. Exterior Accessories:

Put your personal touch on your Nimbl’s exterior with options like roof racks, awnings, additional lighting, flatbed-mounted hammock sling, a mounting point for various tools such as a bike vice, or even a custom wrap. These not only enhance your vehicle’s functionality but also provide a distinctive look that matches your style.

If you have an idea, chances are we can make it come to life!

Custom Nimbl Vehicles Flatbed

7. Smart Technology:

Stay connected and informed with advanced tech options, including Garmin navigation systems, satellite communication, and entertainment systems, ensuring your overland adventure is both safe and entertaining. With cutting-edge technology, Nimbl ensures you’re always connected, safe, and in control, even in remote areas. Starlink Mobile keeps you connected via satellite internet, WeBoost cellular signal boosters amplify your cell signal, and emergency alert radio systems are available to keep you informed in critical situations.

8. Tailored Storage Solutions

Custom Nimbl Electrical Control System

Recognizing the versatility and adaptability required for overland travel, our flatbed customization options offer a myriad of possibilities for behind-cab storage, enabling you to customize your Nimbl Overland Vehicle to your specific needs and passions.

Nimbl Custom Aluminum Bike Storage

9. Camper Packages:

Nimbl offers various camper packages as a guided starting point, tailored to specific types of overlanding and budget. These packages provide a pre-customized solution for your dream rig, which can be further modified to meet your specific trips and plans.

Customizing your Nimbl Overland Vehicle is where your dreams become reality. The ability to personalize every aspect of your expedition rig to align with your unique needs and desires is what sets Nimbl apart. With a wide range of options and additions, Nimbl ensures that your journey is not just an adventure; it’s an extension of who you are. Your Nimbl Evolution is your canvas, and the road is your masterpiece.

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