What is overland travel? Why is it cool? Why does it matter?

What is overland travel? Why is it cool? Why does it matter?

Jun 11, 2020

At its core, the recreational vehicle is about freedom. Freedom to travel (and rest) at your own pace, freedom to be self-sufficient, freedom to explore independently.

There’s just one problem: standard RVs aren’t freeing. In fact, the modern American RV is quite the opposite. Now, they are constrained to asphalt highways, RV parks, mass-produced prices, and antiquated dealerships. The modern RV experience has become so limiting that all adventure and wonder is lost beneath the drone of generators and coaxial TV hook ups.

What is overlanding? Overlanding is a return to the spirit of freedom, the pursuit of real adventure. Ultimately designed to break free of the limits imposed on regular RVs, overland vehicles give you the FREEDOM TO ROAM. The freedom to chase the sunset long after you hit the end of the road. 

The Overland Expedition Vehicle

A new kind of adventure requires a new kind of RV. We call them “expedition vehicles” and they’re built from the tires-up to be something special. Since your journey will start in your driveway, we start with a modern pickup truck. One with all of the up-to-date amenities you expect. Comfortable and easy to drive, this base will help get you out of the concrete jungle and toward that horizon, where the real fun begins.

what is overlanding

No road? no worries-Our Overland Vehicle can get you there

When the highway ends, the overland adventure begins. Equipped with four-wheel drive, performance tires, and an upgraded suspension. Your vehicle is tuned to handle broken pavement, dirt, mud, and snow. The expedition vehicle is built to handle whatever nature throws at you. Narrow rocks, tight switchbacks, and low tree branches will make you appreciate a tight turning radius, low overall height, high ground clearance, and compact size. Thanks to its solid monocoque construction, the expedition vehicle can survive roads that would destroy a normal RV.

what is overlanding

Equipped for where the grid ends

Shower daily. Fix a good breakfast. Hike the trails not found on the map. Grill out beneath the stars. And get a good night’s sleep, warm and dry, regardless of rain or snow. All of this, without confinement to an RV park or campground hookup. For days on end.

A large water supply, solar power, and gasoline-based heat and hot water free you from campground umbilical cords and dependency on propane heat. Additionally, the insulated monocoque body, dual pane windows, and powerful heater mean that you have no condensation and can use the water system without needing to drain the tanks and rely on bottled water – or any of the other compromises necessary with traditional RVs.

what is overlanding

a new era in Overland expedition vehicles

What is overlanding? It is freedom, adventure, and a lifestyle. We built the Nimbl Evolution to do all of this and more. Whether your destination is the mountains of Montana or the sand dunes of Peru, your Nimbl is ready for it. The Nimbl Vehicle is the spirit of overlanding, down to its purest form and engineered for the toughest, most agile rig money can buy.

And when you’re ready to start your adventure, we’re ready to build one just for you.

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