Adventure Awaits...

Nimbl™ is here to fill a void in the overlanding landscape. Go where no other expedition vehicle has gone before. Unearthing adventure, making any place in the world your home.

A new Era in Expedition Vehicles

The Evolution is built to maneuver any terrain — from narrow urban streets to wild backcountry trails. Designed to anticipate your needs for adventure, Nimbl gives you an all-access pass to the world, with zero compromise for your every need.

Meet the Nimbl Evolution & Evolution MAX

The Nimbl Evolution is the world’s most agile expedition vehicle. It offers a lightweight and compact habitat — free from limitations without sacrificing comfort or craftsmanship. Built on our proprietary flatbed, on the chassis of your choosing, Nimbl Vehicles are tastefully designed & engineered to withstand and successfully navigate the most extreme conditions. The MAX maintains the existing habitat & flatbed, just on a larger chassis.

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Born in the USA

At Nimbl’s 5-acre facility in Northern California, customers are invited to join our community of adventure enthusiasts and seasoned craftsmen. This is where we perfect our models and the adventure begins. While some companies feel lost with no grid, no rules, and no map, to us, this is home. Come and experience what our vehicles are capable of.


Who we are

In the Nimbl family, adventure runs in our blood. We imbue passion in everything we create. Our team is built of lifelong overlanders who know what works and what doesn’t, all built on a vision for what’s next. Our Nimbl craftsmen are thoughtful and meticulous, a quality that’s reflected in every detail you as an owner will come to appreciate.

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The Overland World

Overlanding is for those who seek adventure without limits. The journey is as much a part of the experience as the destination. It requires flexibility and self-reliance as you explore the path less traveled. Built to take you anywhere, Evolution is the ultimate travel partner.

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