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About Nimbl


Nimbl was created by — and for — lifelong explorers. Our mission is to take you on journeys free from limitations — providing total independence with zero compromise.

Agile yet sturdy, lightweight yet compact, minimal yet functional, our campers strike a matchless balance, allowing you to enjoy any vista on earth in safety and comfort. Some views have to be earned, and we’ve put in the work to help more adventurers find them.

Nimbl's Purpose

Between good and extravagant, there’s Nimbl. Our purpose is to fill the chasm between small campers and large expedition vehicles. Every detail of weight, dimensions, and technology is customized for agility on the trail and long-term resistance to the elements. We value efficiency over luxury, while still giving our cabins the feeling of home.

The Nimbl Evolution is emblematic of our goals, and of the lessons from the road that have given our product its quality of build. Home is where your expedition takes you - unearthing adventure is our gift to you.

When it comes to adventure,
breaking the rules comes with the terrain.

We took the road less traveled and created a line of vehicles for those who want zero compromise and total independence:

We created Nimbl.

Nimbl Experience

The fearless path to adventure. With Nimbl, you get front row seats to any place on earth.

Now, you can blaze more trails than you ever thought possible — without concerns about safety, space or comfort. Fearlessly head down routes you won’t find on Google maps with the Evolution as your ultimate travel partner.

Immaculate craft. Unmatched agility. Like purchasing a bespoke suit from a fine tailor, owning a Nimbl vehicle comes with the guarantee of customized, immaculate craftsmanship. To produce the world’s finest truck camper, we searched across the adventure world for inspiration.

The Nimbl Evolution utilizes technological innovation from expedition yachts in its weatherproof, aerodynamic design. Built on a one-ton scale, the single-unit camper is perfectly weighted to maneuver trails easily while standing up to high wind and extreme conditions. Both sleek and practical, the cabin’s nautical-inspired, streamlined design guarantees comfort and ease of use through the roughest terrains and harshest weather.

  • Hand-lathed, Monocoque Cabin Build
  • Performance Tested on & off road from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina & on at least 5 continents
  • Accomplished craftsmanship & finish
  • Airy & Aesthetic Habitat


Nimbl is proud to share XPCamper’s DNA and build on the rich heritage of adventure.

Since its beginnings almost 10 years ago, XPCamper has taken people on the world’s most daring overland expeditions. It circumnavigated continents and brought wilderness lovers through legendary regions where few vehicles had gone before.

The XPCamper products from around the world bring lifetimes of experiences and tales to our story, and we’ve used that in creating our product. To all of those loyal to XPCamper, come see the next generation of remarkable. As Nimbl, we look forward to continuing the journey and pushing boundaries that XPCamper began.

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The Nimbl Team

We are a small, experienced team with a worldwide network and a single mission to create the world’s most agile expedition vehicles.

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Judd Newman


Judd Newman is a lifelong adventurist. For 25 years Judd has traveled the globe working with Fortune-500 companies impacting organizational performance.

He has led complex projects across Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. His background includes energy, manufacturing, consumer products, hospitality and healthcare. Through his travels and work within the recreational vehicle and outdoor industries, Judd saw the growing demand for a new kind of vehicle. His drive to meet this need birthed Nimbl.

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Jon Turner

Founder & Chief Engineer

Nimbl Vehicles combines Jon’s personal passion for adventure travel with his professional passion for made-in-the-USA design and manufacturing excellence.

A lifetime traveler with a taste for adventure, Jon made his first international trip when he emigrated from England to the USA at 6 months of age. Since then he has traveled, lived, and worked as both soldier and engineer throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Jon is an electrical engineer (North Carolina State University) and a service disabled veteran (US Army - Gulf War).

judd newman portrait

Adam Morton

Production Chief

Adam is a father, outdoorsman, and retired U. S. Coast Guard flight mechanic overseeing production at Nimbl, bringing decades of expertise and an obsession with all things technical to the fabrication of a camper that is rugged, elegant, and ready for anything.

Born in Sarasota, Florida and raised in San Miguel Allende, Mexico, Adam served in the United States Coast Guard, aboard the cutter Douglas Monroe in the Bering Sea, as a company commander training recruits in Cape May, New Jersey, and as a flight mechanic on HH-60 Jayhawk helicopters off the coast of California. Adam, his wife, and two boys currently volunteer for search and rescue and run the Colfax Theatre.

judd newman portrait

Steve Kozloff

Chief Designer

Steve Kozloff, a second-generation adventurer and adventure craft designer, was introduced to sailing and aircraft early in life by his father Alex Kozloff, a world renowned sailor and nautical/aeronautical engineer.

The designer of the Goliath Series of Polar Class Expedition Yachts, Steve has incorporated technology and design elements from his nautical designs in the Nimbl Evolution. For Steve, speaking the language of many different expedition vehicles makes for more innovation and creates more opportunities for people to get out and enjoy the world.

judd newman portrait

Alex Joiner

Director of Operations

Alex is driven by adventure as much as he’s driven to hunt down the best local trails. He is an avid outdoorsman with a passion for the automotive industry, trail riding & getting lost in adventure. Originally an Orange County resident, now located in Northern California, he is an active volunteer for Nevada County Search & Rescue where he is able to apply his strong logistical expertise, experience navigating high pressure environments, ability to assess situations, and make informed decisions. A well-rounded operations background & his volunteer experience make him an extremely valuable & contributing member to both his community & Nimbl.

He is an integral piece in facilitating growth, streamlining production, driving results, engineering, design & organization in a quickly growing industry.

judd newman portrait

Jocelyn Zidar

Director of Brand Experience

Jocelyn calls the outdoors her home. She is an enthusiastic thrill seeker & lifelong nature-lover. Born and raised in Northern California; with Tahoe right in her backyard, she has been skiing & snowboarding every winter since her earliest days, & camping or hiking in the non-snowy months.

An insatiable curiosity about human relations & communication led to a B.A. Degree in Communications, with a concentration in Public Relations. Combining her professional experience in project management, marketing, customer relations, vendor management, logistics & planning with her personal passion for all things adventure, connection & people, she develops and executes branding campaigns, identifies & increases growth opportunity in the overlanding/expedition vehicle market and develops key relationships.

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