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The Evolution

When we set out to create the ideal expedition vehicle, we had a different view of the world:

creating the perfect habitat wherever your spirit leads you.

It’s why Nimbl is the most-celebrated, quintessential marriage of craftsmanship, agility, and independence uniting brawn with brains.

Essentially the perfect “home away from home” that anticipates the needs of our fellow adventurers exceeding all of the demands and requirements of the perfect off-road vehicle, the kind of “land yacht” that’s become part of the Overland landscape.

Our team built a truck and camper system that is all things to a community of independent explorers who live to blaze their own trail.

The end result is the most complete expedition vehicle our engineers could envision:

the Nimbl Evolution.

The result is captured in our slogan:

Freedom to Roam.

Much more than a slogan, it is a way of existing in totality.

Ready to roam the world on your terms?

We are here to support your adventure & invite you to be a part of the process every step of the way.

Let’s discuss your needs & lifestyle, help you pick your ideal platform and craft your perfect habitat, like a bespoke suit tailored perfectly to fit you like a glove.

Nimbl Interior


nimbl explore


Nimbl Exterior


1. Pick your Platform

Nimbl isn’t just our name. It’s the air we breathe, the adventures we embrace, the terrain we love.

While some expedition camper companies tell you that you have to settle for a huge and heavy commercial truck chassis, we engineer all the features and comfort you could ever want into the lightweight and aerodynamic package you crave.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect camper for a 1-ton vehicle or larger, our team of Nimbl craftsmen are ready to create your home away from home.

nimbl evolution side profile

Nimbl Evolution

The Perfect 1-Ton Solution

Whether you have a Ford F-350 Super Duty 4x4 with 7.3 liter “Godzilla” gas motor, or a Chevrolet/GMC or a (Dodge) RAM 1-ton, we craft the most agile and lightweight mobile habitat for families on the move.

nimbl max

Nimbl Evolution MAX

For Those That Feel Bigger is Better

For those looking for a larger platform (1-ton+), we have adapted our existing habitat to a larger chassis: all of the nimble, more of the muscle. Shown here is our camper on the new Ford F550 Super Duty 6.7L Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel.

Have a 1-ton+ Chevrolet/GMC or a (Dodge) RAM? We’re as ready to rumble as you are.

2. Choose Your Habitat

Starting at 297K (including habitat & flatbed)

We’ve invested 1000+ hours of American craftsmanship to hand-lay our exclusive, seamless monocoque fiberglass and carbon fiber design.

Crafted to fit as one complete unit atop the platform of your choosing — our habitat is lightweight and aerodynamic, with a proprietary hydraulic lifting roof and rooftop solar panels. This is the perfect marriage of technology and convenience.

The habitat is supremely functional with no compromise in the way of convenience and day-to-day living. Like a motorcycle helmet or luxury yacht, our distinct monocoque design offers zero seams and cracks which is easier to clean and more pleasant to chill in.

The Nimbl’s monocoque composite structure also doubles as the ultimate thermal block keeping the outside where it belongs.

Built-in amenities: cooking, personal hygiene, relaxing in the dinette area (which doubles as a lounge), and enjoying a great night’s sleep in the queen size, memory foam bed with a “moon net” so you can enjoy a starry night in the middle of nowhere.

Available in three distinct “packages" we offer to meet your needs:

  • Classic Camper
  • Custom Camper
  • Carbon Camper

3. Performance Upgrades

After you choose your platform, your lifestyle & needs will determine the modifications we make to your vehicle.

nimbl truck driving up rough road


The only thing smoother is us on a dance floor. Smooth in the roughest of terrains. We marry the perfect suspension to your vehicle with your lifestyle and adventure needs.

The Evolution is engineered to handle both technical trails & maintain road manners at highway speeds.

nimbl truck driving down desert road with dust trailing


Whether you guzzle fully leaded gas or come from a generation of diesel users, you will get more mileage per gallon compared to other heavier campers that add weight but forfeit agility.

The cabin is plumbed directly to the vehicle's fuel system so you will not need to carry auxiliary fuel unless desired.

nimbl truck showing off large offroad tires


Have specific needs in terms of tires or rims? Have certain driving or climate conditions? We’ve encountered it all. It’s why we can tread where others fear to go.

nimbl truck showing off bumper with lighting and winch

Bumper & Lighting

Need to light up a football stadium? Or if you're looking for something more intimate, we will put together the ideal lighting configuration that can withstand any terrain.

Combine the offroad lighting package with custom-engineered and built front and rear bumpers that are sure to turn heads.

How to buy

The Nimbl Evolution is the premier Expedition Vehicle available on the market. With the platform of your choice primed for capability and functionality - your destinations are open ended. Get in touch with us to experience the next step.

nimbl truck in desert wilderess

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